Director of Facilities Management


The Boddie-Noell story began in Fayetteville, NC in 1962 when Carleton Noell and his two entrepreneurial nephews, Mayo and Nick Boddie, opened one of the first Hardee’s restaurants. At the time, fast food was a relatively new concept, but BNE’s commitment to friendly service and great tasting charbroiled burgers established it as one of the industry’s leaders. Since this humble beginning, BNE has experienced rapid growth and expansion throughout the Carolinas, Virginia, and Kentucky and has maintained a close-knit family culture in which every individual is treated with mutual support and respect as embodied in the company’s purpose statement: “To use the resources of the company to provide opportunities for our people and to be a positive influence on people’s lives wherever and whenever we can.”

Today, BNE, headquartered in Rocky Mount, NC, is a diversified family-owned company. BNE operates more than 345 Hardee’s restaurants and is the popular brand’s largest franchisee. The company’s businesses have also expanded to include BNE Land and Development, a commercial land ventures and resort property development company; Rose Hill Plantation, the Boddie family’s unique working farm and site for weddings and other events; and an additional restaurant concept: the Highway Diner.

BNE currently employs approximately 10,000 people, is considered one of the nation’s leading privately held restaurant companies, and has been ranked among the 70 largest restaurant companies in the US.

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The Director of Facilities Management (the Director) will initially report to the Executive Vice President of Boddie-Noell Enterprises, Inc. Over time, the Director will transition to ultimately report to the Senior Director of Construction, who reports to the Executive Vice President. Other positions reporting to the Senior Director of Construction include the Director of Real Estate, a Senior Project Manager, and a Project Coordinator.

Reporting to the Director are four Regional Facilities Managers (RFM). Collectively reporting to the RFM’s are seven Senior Service Technicians and approximately 35 Service Technicians. The Help Desk function also reports to the Director.

In addition to the large department that the Director leads, the Director will interface regularly, and often, with all levels of operational leadership with regard to as-needed and preventative/scheduled repair and maintenance activities.


The Director of Facilities Management will oversee all maintenance and repairs, including accounting and database management, while ensuring compliance with company goals and objectives.

Specific duties include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Communicate on a regular basis with Operations, and other departments, that interact with Facilities Management.
  • Ensure the coordination of all phases of maintenance and repair activities.
  • Administer policies and procedures for preventive maintenance for all physical facilities and equipment; ensure that service personnel are appropriately trained to maintain current knowledge of all equipment.
  • Ensure training on the proper care and operation of equipment for Operations management, for both new units and refresher training for existing units.
  • Assist in evaluation and selection of major equipment; establish guidelines for stock level and inventory records for Facilities Management personnel.
  • Develop and maintain contracts with commercial contractors who may be contracted to perform maintenance and repairs beyond in-house capabilities.
  • Ensure that energy management and conservation programs are being implemented and conducted as prescribed.
  • Coordinate all insurance claims for Facilities Management.
  • Assist on major repairs and inspect as needed.
  • Adhere to all industry and company safety standards, policies, and procedures to ensure a safe and accident-free work environment.
  • Manage the Help Desk function and related reporting.
  • Ensure that Building Control Systems are evaluated and maintained to conserve energy and assist in the maintenance of the facilities.
  • Oversee Facilities Management accounting function to ensure proper allocation of expenses, history tracking, service billing, etc.
  • Consistently exhibit the actions/behaviors which best demonstrate BNE’s Vision and Values; perform other tasks as directed by management; and at all times, represent Boddie-Noell Enterprises, Inc. as a professional in every aspect of performance.


  • Good leader and manager with the ability to manage a large number of people, tasks, and projects simultaneously.
  • Strong administrative and analytical skills; good problem solver; ability to think creatively.
  • Superior interpersonal skills defined by: approachable, genuine, sincere, and honest.
  • Good communication skills: verbal and written.
  • Good financial understanding.
  • Appreciation for the technical skills and expertise needed to perform HVAC and refrigeration related repairs and maintenance.
  • Undergraduate degree preferred.


Compensation will be commensurate with experience including a competitive base salary, bonus opportunity, stock appreciation rights plan, competitive benefits, and relocation assistance.

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