Education / Nonprofit / Government

Schools, colleges and universities have to operate like businesses in order to thrive. So, today’s education leaders are often called on to be a hybrid of scholar and businessperson. Our network includes those elite leaders who value education above all else – but who also understand the necessity of finance, operations, and marketing.

We have successfully recruited presidents and other senior leaders for institutions of higher education, independent schools, and a wide variety of nonprofits.  We agree with Benjamin Franklin, who said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

We’ve worked a lot over our decades in business with state and local government agencies on recruiting their leaders. Public service is a noble calling — and an interesting one, in that you report to a boss and to the people. We agree with Andrew Cuomo, who said, “… we need to attract a new generation of the best and brightest to public service, and I believe that government can be a source of inspiration, not degradation.”