Our Experience

At Coleman Lew, we’re committed to finding the right talent for your top jobs. No matter what mix of skills you’re looking for — or in what part of the country your organization is headquartered — we’ll find the right candidates. Here’s a sampling of some of what we’ve accomplished for our clients — and how the candidates we identified and recruited contributed mightily to the client’s bottom line.

Success Stories
  • Executive Team Building

    Coleman Lew consulted with the executive team of a financial services company. The company had recently emerged from reorganization, and the executive team included a new CEO and several new senior executives who were experiencing problems in communication.

    We conducted a series of personality and 360° executive team surveys with the executives. The results indicated the communication challenges resulted from the team’s diversity in personality styles – and lack of understanding about those differences – coupled with little clarity around post-reorganization goals.

    We facilitated a series of executive team-building meetings designed to re-envision the organizational focus. Though some of the initial meetings were contentious, the personality and team survey data proved to be accurate and provided a mechanism and process for creating better relationships among the executive team. These processes created an environment that enabled the company to become a dominant player in the marketplace.

  • Executive Coaching

    Serving as a consultant to an internet bank headquartered in Silicon Valley, we provided executive coaching services to the organization’s executive and managerial staff. Services included in-depth personality, leadership, and competency assessments as well as 360° management and team assessments.

    Using the assessment data, in conjunction with strategic and functional unit goals, we developed targeted performance and development plans in partnership with each manager and executive. During this engagement the organization grew over 1,000 percent, and all the executives we worked with were hired to higher profile positions.

  • Leadership & Executive Development

    In a highly competitive RFP process, we won the contract to design an executive leadership development process for a large manufacturing company. The organization’s aggressive expansion in global operations prompted their need to identify and develop a significant number of managers to assume global executive leadership responsibilities.

    We led the design and delivery of an innovative, assessment-based leadership development program for high-potential managers. Program components included in-depth assessment, individual executive coaching, targeted competency training, mentoring, and international project assignments. Due to its success, the program was expanded to include three separate processes for existing executives, managers, and employees. The client expanded operations into more than 36 countries and increased annual sales to over $4 billion.

  • Paradigm Shift

    A large financial services organization retained Coleman Lew to recruit a market executive.  The company, which operated banking centers in multiple states, was moving to a “retail-store” paradigm. Coleman Lew was retained to recruit an executive with retail experience to manage a large group of banking centers. After presenting a diverse slate of candidates, the client decided to hire two market executives – one for the original search, and one for a new geographic area the company decided to create. Both executives had significant retail and merchandising experience, and were able to assist the company in achieving its objective.

  • Succession Planning

    An entrepreneurial CEO of a real estate development company retained Coleman Lew to recruit a president for its construction business. Twenty years after founding the company and growing it into one of the most successful and respected in its marketplace, the CEO asked us to identify an executive who could replace him in the day-to-day management of the construction area. The new executive needed to have experience in high-end residential construction and be willing to relocate to a more rural and emerging resort environment.

    Our nationwide search identified several strong candidates, but the CEO wanted to find an executive who would respect and mentor current employees while implementing the changes necessary to take the company to a new level. Ultimately, we recruited a division president who had an immediate and positive impact on the growing organization.

  • Board of Directors

    The CEO of a $2 billion company retained Coleman Lew to recruit a director for the company’s board – someone with a proven record in the retail industry. We targeted and recruited an experienced CEO from a publicly held academy retailer. Since then, this executive has proven to be one of the company’s more effective directors.

    Several years later, the board again retained Coleman Lew to recruit another director. This time, they needed an executive to chair the audit committee in the post-Sarbanes-Oxley era. Despite the restrictions imposed by the legislation, Coleman Lew targeted and successfully recruited a seasoned CFO to guide the company as it sharpened its financial focus.

  • Private Equity Group Ownership

    A private equity group acquired an $800 million Midwestern company. The newly appointed chief executive hired Coleman Lew to build the infrastructure necessary for the business to grow. We successfully recruited a dozen senior-level executives, including the CFO, vice president of distribution, and senior vice president of human resources.

    Together, the new executive team recruited, trained, and retained the talent necessary to compete with the company’s formidable industry competitors. These executives took the company from a market share of 45 percent to over 60 percent, and in doing so, improved profitability and increased sales from $800 million to $1.7 billion.

  • Strategic Shift

    A $300 million distribution company retained Coleman Lew for a long-term assignment: to transform the business from a traditional sales representative model to a consultative sales model. Over the next seven years, we recruited nearly 40 consultants who strengthened the company’s customer relationships and measurably improved sales and profits. The net result of the shift increased revenues from $300 million to nearly $1 billion and market share from 40 percent to over 60 percent.

    This company increased profitability every year following the transition. The sales leader was ultimately promoted to president subsequently enlisted us to manage a redesign of the business.

    Over the next seven years, Coleman Lew recruited 20 executives in all functional areas. Seven of those recruits later became division or company presidents and successful owners of spin-off businesses.

  • Growth

    The young CEO of a $260 million distribution company hired Coleman Lew + Associates to find an executive who could operate the company in case he was “hit by the proverbial truck.” After a nationwide search, Coleman Lew recruited an executive vice president who – alongside the CEO – made several major acquisitions and grew the business from $260 million to over $2.5 billion in sales. The executives transformed the company into a holding corporation. Ultimately, it became the largest privately-held company in its trade area.

    Over the next two decades, this company enlisted Coleman Lew to conduct more than 30 searches for outside talent, including four presidents, a VP of human resources, a CFO, and a senior VP of legal affairs. As a result, the business was able to upgrade human resource and IT functions and launch a legal department. The investment in human infrastructure allowed the company to transform itself into a high-growth holding company.

Completed Assignments

The following is a partial list of searches completed by Coleman Lew + Associates, Inc.