Leadership Development Services

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader,” said John Quincy Adams.

Some leaders may naturally inspire their troops. Others can benefit from expert coaching.

Coleman Lew can help you evaluate and develop your organization’s leaders. We work with boards and executive teams to build inspiring leaders who will nurture the next generation of leaders and ensure the long-term success and vitality of the organization.

We use innovative assessment technology, build and manage customized programs, and draw upon our extensive industry experience to provide clients with superior executive-level leadership consulting.

Executive assessments help you evaluate, select, and develop leaders. They can also be used to assess and develop leadership teams. When used for selection and development, these assessments can identify potential leaders, and help those individuals better understand their individual strengths and developmental opportunities.

Coleman Lew uses a broad array of online and live assessments to measure personality, motivation, performance, leadership style, values, wellbeing and intellectual ability.

Whether you need an assessment for candidate selection or leadership development, you’ll get a comprehensive report of an individual’s results with position-specific leadership profiles, management and executive level norms, plus an expert evaluation and prediction of performance and future success.

Our comprehensive assessment capabilities include:

  • Psychological type assessments
  • Leadership inventories
  • Behavioral style and effectiveness surveys
  • Verbal and numerical ability measurements
  • Personality assessments
  • Motivational analysis
  • Values arrangement surveys
  • Critical thinking assessment
  • 360° leadership, management, and team surveys
  • Business case models
  • Role play scenarios
  • Behavioral event interviews
  • Competency interviews and assessments
  • Reference checking

Our assessment processes are highly customizable and add value to our services in:

  • Individual leadership coaching
  • Team building and team role clarification
  • Selection and advancement
  • Succession planning
  • Organizational development
  • New leadership transition and executive onboarding
  • Merger/acquisition integration
  • Leadership development programs
  • Assessment center design and management

Coleman Lew’s career assessment and development services are designed to assist individuals in making sound career decisions. These services are most useful to early career professionals, those interested in retirement or those interested in pursuing a second career.

But regardless of age, career stage, or point in life, Coleman Lew’s career development services can help steer you toward success in a fulfilling career in a rewarding field that makes the best use of your unique talents, interests, and strengths.

“Everyone needs a coach,” Bill Gates has said. Executive coaching facilitates the difficult, but not impossible, work of behavioral change. Our consultants help new executives, key contributors, and other high-potential team members reach their personal and professional potential.

Our coaching services are customized to individual and organizational needs based on an initial assessment followed by subsequent sessions to reinforce skills learned. Our coaching services may include a wide variety of targeted behaviors/skills or a broader array of skills.

A full 40 percent of today’s organizational leaders will be eligible for retirement in five years. But surprisingly, most companies lack a formal succession plan.

Every organization faces leadership changes, but the most successful have prepared for these changes long before they occur. A leadership change doesn’t have to impact the viability or prosperity of an organization.

Succession planning establishes a concrete plan, expectations, and procedures for maintaining a pipeline of talented senior leaders and key personnel. Our experience enables us to identify desired leadership skills and lay the groundwork for a succession plan that ensures a successful transition.

Customer service, relationships, and market share should remain unaffected in the short- and long-term after a leadership change. We can help ensure a smooth transition.

Will a new executive fit into your existing team?

Statistics show that 40 percent of leaders entering new roles fail within the first 18 months. For an organization with high executive turnover – or where the cost of failure is high – an ineffective leadership change can be extremely disruptive.

We accelerate the process of immersing new leaders into an organization and help individuals connect with existing executive teams, staff members, and client base. Our process facilitates socialization so new leaders are positioned for success and are successfully integrated into the organization.