DaWaun McCall

DaWaun McCall is a numbers guy who’s also a people person.

He majored in mathematics for business, with a concentration on actuarial mathematics, at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He was even president of the university’s math club.

You don’t necessarily expect someone who’s studied financial accounting and mathematical theory to light up a room, but DaWaun has mastered number crunching and winning friends and influencing people.

During college, he was an actuarial development intern at Lincoln Financial Group (LFG) in Greensboro. He developed the company’s statistical model, using SAS programming, to help accurately forecast the number of claims LFG could anticipate down the road.

The Riverside, CA native is one of our resident computer geniuses; he knows programs the rest of us haven’t heard of – such as MATLAB and VBA.

DaWaun loves sharing his knowledge. In college, he even led group tutoring sessions for applied statistics, linear algebra, and advanced calculus and organized seminars on “Careers in Mathematics.” He’s also been a guest speaker at 10 universities and has helped establish more than 15 campus organizations around the state.

But wait; there’s more!

DaWaun thrives on learning. He’s an avid reader whose preferred genres are business, leadership, and personal development. He’s been known to sit in on occasional classes just because he “loves the feeling of being at a university.”