Alexander West

Alexander West (Alex) is Coleman Lew’s only staff member with a degree in philosophy. The NC State University alum chose philosophy because it offered a foundation in critical thinking and practical experience in articulating complex thought. It serves him – and our clients – well in his work as a research associate.

Prior to joining Coleman Lew in 2015, the Mooresville native worked as a sales agent at Red Ventures in Fort Mill, SC. He’s also worked for Intel’s Corporate Affairs Group (CAG) in Munich and conducted research and created marketing materials for CAG’s “Skills for Europe” initiative; served as co-editor of a leading publication on corporate social responsibility; and  served as chief manager and editor for CAG’s website.

Alex volunteers as a transporter for Lake Norman Regional Medical Center.

But wait; there’s more!

The thing that terrifies most people – public speaking – is one of the things Alex loves best. He’s a natural behind the podium as well as in sales, PR and, of course, research. He’s also a natural at basketball fandom. He loves the NBA as a whole and the San Antonio Spurs, in particular.